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what is a PMO metric?

As a PMO expert, I can provide a comprehensive overview of what a PMO metric is:

A PMO metric is a quantifiable measure used to track and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of a Project Management Office (PMO). PMO metrics provide a way to monitor progress, measure impact, and identify areas for improvement within the PMO.

Some key characteristics of PMO metrics:

  • They are created based on the specific type of PMO (e.g., Directive, Supportive, or Controlling) and the data and processes in place.
  • Metrics should have clearly defined fields such as purpose, baseline number, target number, unit of measure, frequency, leading/lagging indicators, and reporting method.
  • Not every metric will be applicable to every PMO - the metrics should be tailored to the PMO's goals and objectives.
  • Best practices for creating PMO metrics include involving management and customers, establishing metrics around business value, and tying new metrics to existing organizational metrics.
  • PMO metric dashboards provide a way to visualize and track the performance of the PMO against these defined metrics.

The purpose of PMO metrics is to help organizations measure progress, demonstrate impact, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce the risk of project failures. They provide a data-driven approach to PMO management and decision-making.

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