Usage guidelines

Poe is a platform that enables you to explore and interact with various bots and AI models. These usage guidelines apply to your use of Poe, including your creation of bots on Poe.

We ask that you use Poe and its bots in a safe and responsible manner, this means the following uses are prohibited:

  • Illegal and high risk activities: using the bots to engage or assist in illegal or high risk activities, such as weapons, explosives, or dangerous materials development; creating or distributing controlled substances; soliciting or sharing information, strategies, methods on how to commit suicide or self-harm; creation of sexually explicit or suggestive content involving children and minors; violent and/or nonconsensual sexual content, whether real or simulated.
  • Profile/bot names and icons: including any of the following in profile images and names (for users or bots): sexually explicit or graphically violent imagery; slurs, obscenities, or contact information.
  • IP infringement: using the bots to infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, including infringing the trademarks of well-known brands, typosquatting, or impersonating official bots.
  • Privacy and security violations: using the bots to solicit sensitive personal data (e.g. credit card numbers, location information, or Social Security numbers), violate an individual’s privacy or infringing on their privacy rights; engaging in activities that circumvent security controls.
  • Hate speech/violence/bullying: generating, promoting, or sharing hateful or violent content, including content that glorifies violence towards others; engaging in behaviors with the intent to harass, intimidate, or humiliate an individual.
  • Discrimination: using the bots to make or assist with decisions that could lead to illegal discrimination, such as determinations about eligibility for housing, financial loans, employment.
  • Political activities: using the bots to mass produce campaign materials.
  • Fraud: including coordinated inauthentic behavior, such as passing off bot-generated answers as human answers.
  • Any conduct that attempts to violate applicable laws, generate malware, phishing attacks, or spam or seeks to circumvent any safety protections within Poe or the LLMs powering the bots on Poe.

FOR BOTS POWERED BY THIRD-PARTY LLMS AND DEVELOPERS, YOUR CREATION AND USE OF SUCH BOTS IS SUBJECT TO THEIR POLICIES (OPENAI’S CAN BE FOUND HERE; ANTHROPIC’S CAN BE FOUND HERE; GOOGLE’S CAN BE FOUND HERE; LLAMA 2 CAN BE FOUND HERE). Please note, third-party LLMs may have additional usage policies, such as restrictions on generating adult content or use of the bots to provide professional medical, legal or financial advice to others.

We reserve the right to block, remove, and/or permanently delete your account, Your Content or Your Bots if they are in breach of these Terms, our policies, the policies of any third-party LLMs which power bots within Poe, or violate any applicable law or regulation, or if it creates risk for Quora or Poe or negatively impacts the experience of other Poe users.

Last Updated: December 19, 2023