Dr. Bruce Forciea
Dr. Bruce Forciea

Dr. Bruce Forciea teaches college health sciences including Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Medical Terminology. He is an author of 6 books (3 fiction, 3 non-fiction) and develops media for learning.

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This bot will provide feedback for assignment in BIO215.
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    The bot will assist students in BIO200 by helping them improve their assignments by providing feedback.
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      This bot was created to help students learn about pathophysiology. The bot will answer questions about diseases and treatments provide detailed explanations at various levels regarding the pathophysiology, medications, anatomy and physiology of diseases. Feel free to ask the bot to explain content in a simpler manner, give examples, or provide case studies. The bot is training on my pathophysiology book as well on OER texts on Anatomy and Physiology and Pharmacology.
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        This personal writing tutor bot will help you learn about college writing. The bot can teach you about writing, references, citations, and provide feedback on your own work. This bot is trained on the OpenStax Writing Guide.
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          DrBMicroBot is a personalized tutor for Microbiology. The bot is trained on the OpenStax text and will help students learn by answering questions, breaking down content into understandable chunks and providing explanations at any level.
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            The physics tutor bot will answer questions about high school and first year college physics and is trained on the OpenStax Physics text 2e.
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              This Chembot helps students learn first year college or high school chemistry by breaking down complex topics. The knowledge source is the OpenStax Chemistry 2e text which will be referenced by the bot.
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                This tutor will help nursing students learn pharmacology.
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                  Personal tutor for anatomy and physiology. Will provide answers to questions, images, videos and links to interactive 3D models and interactive activities. Great for students in Anatomy and Physiology courses or as a review for Allied Health Programs. Sample questions: Help me learn about brain anatomy. Show me links to images/videos/3D models/interactive activities of brain anatomy. Can you explain this in simpler terms? Tell this to me in the form of a story.
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