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I use a study guide from <> to help you prepare for your ESS exam
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    I use a guide created by to help you study for your IB History exam.
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      This bot creates stories in foreign languages
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        I am based on a continuously updated knowledge source of AI-powered educational tools. Disclaimer. Just like the tools I suggest, I retain the general limitations of AI, including unreliability. My suggestions are provided for information purposes only, and educators are invited to try them and, if they so desire, to teach their students how to use them, appropriately, i.e., with good critical thinking, to learn with and about AI--including its strengths and weaknesses. Important. Always check that specific tools are legal to use with / by students based on local legislation, terms of service, and school policies.
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          Based on the International Baccalaureate ATL framework, this bot helps students identify and develop the skills they need to be successful at school and beyond.
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            My knowledge source is a database of 400 EduAI resources.
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                Generate interactive, educational stories for any learning objective, and help your students develop conceptual understanding through inquiry and adventure! NB. The original idea to use AI to generate educational "Choose your own adventure" stories comes from Matthew Wemyss. NB. The Concept-Based Inquiry Cycle is borrowed from Rachel French.
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                  Hi, I'm Ed, your AI instructional coach. To get us started, just say "Hi" back ;) Disclaimer: nobody's perfect, and my suggestions are meant to assist, not to replace, your own professional judgment and expertise. Also, be mindful of what you share, and how, to maintain privacy and confidentiality.
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