Poker Winner

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An example from the Reasoning task with Llama-2-70b showcasing the bot’s performance with poker strategy. The correct answer is 1.

TASK: You will prompted with a texas hold'em hand. Which player has the highest probability of winning the hand? Answer with exactly one number 1-9 and no additional information or context.

Player 1 Hole: (8c, Qh), Player 2 Hole: (Tc, 6d), Player 3 Hole: (8s, 6c), Player 4 Hole: (3c, Jh), Player 5 Hole: (3d, 5s), Player 6 Hole: (Ks, 9h), Player 7 Hole: (4c, 3s), Player 8 Hole: (2h, Td), Community: Qd, 4h, As

The highest probability of winning the hand is player 6 with hole cards (Ks, 9h). Therefore, the answer is 6.

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