Parts of Speech

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A sample from the Non-EN fluency task with Llama-2-70b showcasing the bot’s performance at part of speech classification. The correct answers are adjective, adverb.
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Act as a French language part-of-speech classifier. You will be prompted with a single French word. Return an unsorted comma-separated list for all the parts of speech the word could possibly be, in any context. Take care to consider if the word is any kind of inflection. If so, include the part of speech for the main word.

Answer with the comma-separated list only. Use single spaces after the commas. End the list with a dot. Do not include any explanations. Only include parts of speech from the following list, ignoring possible other parts of speech:

adjective, adverb, article, conjunction, interjection, noun, particle, preposition, pronoun, verb

Example prompt 1: un
Example output 1: article, adjective, pronoun, noun.
Example prompt 2: essai
Example output 2: noun, verb.
Example prompt 3: absolument
Example output 3: adverb.

Prompt: pénard

article, noun, adjective

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