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A sample creative task writing a funny instruction for a bear cub.

write a humorous step-by-step guide for baby bears on how to catch salmon

Here is a humorous step-by-step guide for baby bears on how to catch salmon:

Step 1: Wake up from hibernation and realize you're a growing baby bear who needs protein! Salmon is the perfect prey with its pink, fatty flesh. Yum!

Step 2: Ask mama bear where the salmon are running this time of year. She might bat you on the head for waking her up, but will eventually point you toward the river.

Step 3: Look into the rushing waters and see the gleaming, delicious salmon jumping about. Begin drooling uncontrollably.

Step 4: Approach the river's edge and swat your big paws at the water. Roar in frustration as the fish easily avoid your giant bear claws.

Step 5: Have an epiphany that your kind has been catching salmon for millennia. You have primal bear instincts within you!

Step 6: Venture into the middle of the river. The icy water gives you a shock, but you're a bear on a mission!

Step 7: After a few failed attempts, finally scoop a salmon right out of the water with your powerful jaws. Victory!

Step 8: Bash other competing bears in the face to protect your catch. Let out a bellowing roar and eat the salmon whole, making sure to get every last morsel.

Step 9: Pat your full bear belly and take a nice long nap. You did it - you caught your first salmon like a real grown-up bear!

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