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An example from the writing prompt set asking for inspiration for presenting at a marketing workshop.
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i work at a tech company in the bay area. i'm supposed to give a lunch workshop about marketing for SaaS. can you provide a bullet point list of 5 ideas i could use in slides for the marketing lunch workshop?

Here are 5 bullet point ideas for a marketing workshop on SaaS:

  • Focus on value-driven messaging - Explain the tangible benefits and outcomes your SaaS enables for customers. Lead with how you solve problems vs just features.

  • Leverage targeted content marketing - Create blog posts, ebooks, case studies, etc. tailored to your target customer segments and top/middle of funnel. Distribute via SEO, email, social.

  • Optimize for the entire funnel - Use different strategies/messaging for each stage - awareness, consideration, conversion. Lead nurturing is key.

  • Get the pricing model right - Consider subscription-based or freemium rather than perpetual licenses. Offer tiered plans. Make it easy to onboard and upgrade.

  • Use influencer marketing - Identify and partner with industry experts, bloggers, communities who can organically advocate and raise awareness of your SaaS. Co-create content.

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