Rhyming names

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A sample creative naming task asking for rhyming character names for a story.

pls give me 5 names for my book characters that all rhyme with each other.

Sure, here are five character names for your book, all of which rhyme:

  1. Mae: A short, sweet, and classic name. Mae can be someone who is modest yet strong, or perhaps a character with a deceivingly simple exterior but a complex interior.

  2. Ray: This name could be for a character who is a source of light and positivity for the others. Ray could be the beacon of hope in your story.

  3. Faye: A name that is often associated with enchantment and magic. This could be a character with mystical abilities or someone who is simply enchanting in their own way.

  4. Clay: This could be an ideal name for a character who is malleable, adaptable, and open to change, much like clay itself. Clay could be someone who grows and evolves significantly throughout the story.

  5. Jay: A name often associated with freedom and creativity, much like the bird it shares its name with. Jay could be the free spirit or creative genius in your story.

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