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please organize and rewrite my words while making them more coherent

  1. What have you learned intellectually about the topics we’ve covered so far? Please refer to at least four readings, videos, or activities that helped you learn this and explain why. What questions do you still have about these topics, and how might you use your Soliya experience to enrich your knowledge? (4 points)
  • The September 7th, 2020, game felt like a reminder of a tough time. I didn’t enjoy it because it brought back sad memories, like losing family to COVID, because I lost my grandma 2 years ago. I played based on what I thought was right, not what I really would’ve done. Also, I don’t like being forced to choose and the limited options forced me to choose certain things. It was like the domestic abuse game, just raising awareness without the fun and exciting part. Though I didn’t enjoy it but I learned a lot from it.

  • I learned a lot while doing my Alternative CV from choosing the colors, format, and even knowing more about myself and my colleagues in class.

Also, the Unconscious Bias video by Binna Kandola. I have learned about unconscious bias that most people do without recognizing that can affect others like dealing with microaggression towards certain races or ethnic groups, This can be underlined by unconscious bias that people do on a daily basis without recognizing because not realizing that this can be discrimination. I learned from these videos to be more aware of my bias or the surrounding community’s bias towards certain people or behaviors and how other people can feel about such negative behavior. Just by recognizing that everyone can be biased unconsciously, taught me to reflect more about my actions and taught me to understand why some people may be strict towards certain points. People may be strict to certain points of view because of their unconscious bias or the lack of understanding of the topic from different views.

  • Lobna Hassan's talk,  One thing I learned today: I learned how to deal with people with disability, for instance, if they need any help offer it but don’t help them without asking them”do you need help?”, also that society is what creates disability and not only being born with it. A message: Deal with people with more understanding that they’re really trying their best. By implementing this a strong and healthy society will be built. 

I want to listen carefully to others' viewpoints and explain things clearly without letting biases get in the way. It's all about making everyone feel welcome and understood, just like we want in our society. I’ll hopefully learn a lot by listening to others from different backgrounds and cultures. By hearing their viewpoints, I can understand different perspectives and ideas that I might not have considered before. I can also practice explaining my own thoughts and opinions clearly and respectfully, which can help me communicate better in all areas of my life while culture exchanging with the members in Soliya’s

In reflecting on the topics we have covered so far, there are several sources that have significantly contributed to my intellectual growth. Firstly, the game we played on September 7th, 2020, provided me with a poignant reminder of a challenging period. Although I did not particularly enjoy it due to the resurfacing of painful memories, such as the loss of family members to COVID-19, it offered valuable lessons. I approached the game based on what I believed to be right rather than what I genuinely would have done. However, the limited options and the feeling of being forced to choose certain things were aspects I disliked. It resembled the domestic abuse game in terms of raising awareness, but lacked the element of fun and excitement. Despite my lack of enjoyment, I gleaned a great deal of knowledge from this experience.

Secondly, the process of creating my Alternative CV proved to be a rich learning opportunity. Selecting colors, deciding on the format, and delving deeper into my own identity and getting to know my classmates better were all aspects that enriched my understanding.

Additionally, the video on Unconscious Bias by Binna Kandola was highly informative. It shed light on the ways in which unconscious biases, which often go unnoticed, can negatively impact certain racial or ethnic groups. This type of bias can manifest in everyday microaggressions and contribute to discrimination. Being exposed to these videos has made me more conscious of my own biases and those prevalent in the surrounding community. I now strive to recognize and understand the impact of such negative behaviors on others. Acknowledging that everyone can harbor unconscious biases has prompted me to reflect more on my actions and to comprehend why some individuals might be rigid in their viewpoints. Such rigidity may stem from their unconscious biases or a lack of understanding of certain topics from diverse perspectives.

Furthermore, Lobna Hassan's talk left a lasting impression on me. One key lesson I learned was how to interact with people with disabilities. It is crucial to offer assistance when needed, but it is equally important to ask, "Do you need help?" instead of assuming. Moreover, I realized that society, rather than being born with a disability, often creates the challenges associated with it. The message I took away from this talk is that by treating individuals with disabilities with empathy and understanding, we can build a stronger and healthier society.

In my Soliya experience, I aspire to actively listen to others' viewpoints and effectively communicate my own ideas without allowing biases to cloud my judgment. Creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and understood aligns with the aspirations we have for society as a whole. By engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, I hope to learn and grow significantly. Through open dialogue and the exploration of different perspectives, I can expand my understanding and consider ideas that may have previously eluded me. Additionally, participating in Soliya will allow me to practice articulating my thoughts and opinions clearly and respectfully, which will undoubtedly enhance my communication skills in all aspects of life.

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