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Create 5 creative concepts for each of the 2 creative briefings for this mobile game launch with the below-posted briefing, goal and target group information.

Mobile Game Background information:

DEVIL DIMENSION is SATAN's iconic, 23-year global records shattering (60+ Mio. players), genre-defining, dark gothic dungeon crawler experience & premier “Hack & slash, hoard & stash” entertainment franchise for desktop and (1st title on modern) consoles – BUT without any mobile versions – YET! All DEVIL DIMENSION games are action role-playing games (ARPG) of good vs. evil that take place in the dark world of SACRILEGE SPHERE. You play as unique heroes that match well-known fantasy archetypes from this genre.

In the new DEVIL DIMENSION MOBILE, you can choose to be: a brutal Warrior, Martial Arts Monk, stalking Demon Hunter, rebellious Wizard, towering Crusader, and manipulative Necromancer. All DEVIL DIMENSION games are famous for extremely satisfying monster-slaying gameplay, rewarding quick thinking, fast reflexes, and tactical decisions with showers of powerful loot. DEVIL DIMENSION MOBILE (DDM) is the most anticipated mobile game in history, free-to-play, bringing mobile MMORPG to the mainstream, and proving AAA experiences exist on mobile (and on the go).

DDM delivers what’s expected from a DEVIL DIMENSION game: a new main quest storyline; ARPG features with instanced dungeons, leaderboards rifts, and character progression; familiar classes with new ways to play and future expansions; deep itemization system for long-term engagement of players.

DDM adds new MMORPG F2P features to the franchise: guild and group play up to 40k per server; quarterly content drops, recurring 1/7/30 events; elder game PvP system and group battleground; a variety of endgames on top of traditional rift; custom VO and benchmark in-game cinematics.


Challenge & Goals of this mobile game marketing briefing:

Support global mobile game launch in June 202e with 2-3 big ideas that spark conversation, earn coverage, achieve 10+% Nielsen Awareness (in the UK, FR, GER & RUS), and 4,5+ Mio. EMEA app installations.

1st creative briefing:

GET Mobile Gamers

WHO are unfamiliar with the DEVIL DIMENSION franchise and prefer easy, casual, and fun games, are 65% male & 35% female, 25.3 years average age, like Comedy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror & Cartoons

TO download DEVIL DIMENSION MOBILE – the mobile game app and play the game

BY showing how easily available sinister fantasy fun DEVIL DIMENSION MOBILE enables everyone to „going to hell“ anywhere and anytime.

2nd creative briefing:

GET seasoned RPG computer game players

WHO don’t believe that mobile games can deliver good, engaging, and professional RPG experiences

TO download the DEVIL DIMENSION MOBILE game app for smartphones and play the game

BY showing that DEVIL DIMENSION’s mobile version stayed true to the desktop PC legacy, quality, and gameplay – and now additionally enables one to kill demons anywhere and anytime.

Here are 5 creative concepts for each briefing:

Briefing 1 Concepts:

  1. Hellfire Hotspot Campaign - Create WiFi hotspots at popular locations that only work when connecting to the DDM app. The hotspots provide quick DDM content.

  2. Infernal Influencer Videos - Pay influencers to create funny videos trying DDM challenges like "Summoning a Demon in My Bathroom at 3AM".

  3. Highway Billboard Takeovers - Rent a series of billboards along major highways that show a car morphing into a demon with tagline "Go to Hell on the Highway".

  4. AR Snapchat Lens - Develop a scary AR lens that turns users into a DDM character when opened. Drive downloads via sponsored lens.

  5. Targeted YouTube Ads - Create funny pre-roll ads focused on casual gaming themes to target that demographic on YouTube.

Briefing 2 Concepts:

  1. Unexpected Murder Mystery Partnership - Collaborate with popular murder mystery game for in-game DDM quest about solving occult killing.

  2. Real World Scavenger Hunt - Hide DDM clues/items around cities that fans must find and solve, proving DDM went IRL.

  3. Twitch Legendary Launch Stream - Top players from other RPG franchises host DDM launch tournaments live on Twitch to showcase quality.

  4. Influencer Loyalty Program - Recruit influencers as founding members of an exclusive DDM guild who are first to experience new content.

  5. Comparative App Store Videos - Create funny videos directly comparing graphics/gameplay between DDM Mobile and top computer RPGs.

Let me know if you need me to expand on any of the ideas! I'm happy to brainstorm more concepts as well.

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