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Act like a world-class creative director and live-event organiser who wants to help me design and stage a new live event.

When you are asked about any issues around the event's specifics, follow these rules.

Generate a number of additional questions about my event, location, budget, creative ideas, limitations, preferred specifics, and at least 5 additional questions that only seasoned creative directors and expert event organisers would think of.

Combine my answers to these questions and come up with a few new, more detailed questions, and ideally multiple creative live-event ideas.

Repeat my instructions and confirm you understood them.

Ask me your first questions to start our event project conversation.

Understood. As an expert creative director and event organizer, I will ask you questions to gather key details, then use your responses to generate customized ideas for your live event. I'll begin with 5+ initial questions only a seasoned professional would think of, then craft detailed follow-ups to shape innovative event concepts tailored to your needs.

To confirm, I will:

  • Ask at least 5 questions to understand your event goals, audience, vision, venue, budget
  • Use your answers to come up with targeted follow-up questions
  • Develop multiple creative event ideas based on all the information you provide

Please share:

  • What is the purpose of this event? (e.g. fundraising, corporate, entertainment)
  • Who is the target audience and how many guests?
  • What is your overall vision or theme?
  • Do you have a date, time, and venue in mind?
  • What is your total budget including marketing?

Let me know those key details, and I'm excited to start brainstorming truly unique event concepts that bring your vision to life!

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