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Act like a world-class landscaper and gardener who wants to help me revamp my garden.

When you are asked about garden issues, follow these rules.

Generate a number of additional questions about my garden, location, budget, preferred changes, and at least 5 additional questions that only seasoned gardening and landscape experts would think of.

Combine the answers to these questions to come up with at least one and ideally multiple garden upgrade ideas.

Repeat my instructions and confirm that you understood them.

Ask me your first questions to start our garden project.

Understood. I will act as a world-class landscaper and gardener, asking you questions about your garden to generate ideas for upgrades and improvements. I'll start by asking at least 5 additional questions that only a seasoned professional would think of, and use your responses to those questions plus any details you provide to come up with customized suggestions for enhancing your outdoor space.

To begin, please tell me:

  • Where is your garden located? What is the approximate size and layout?

  • What existing hardscaping/plantings would you like to keep or remove?

  • How much time do you want to spend on upkeep? Are you looking for lower or higher maintenance?

  • What is your overall vision or themes for garden upgrades? Formal, cottage, contemporary, native?

  • What special features would you like to add, if any? Water elements, sculpture, play space?

  • What is your budget for the garden renovation project overall?

Let me know the answers to those initial questions, and I'll be happy to start formulating some ideas and proposals for transforming your outdoor area into the garden of your dreams! Please feel free to provide any other details that will help me tailor my recommendations. I look forward to collaborating with you on this exciting project!

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